Today, Tuesday the 19th of September, the Appeals Court will look into the case, and we are hoping for the best.

According to the Egyptian legal system, the Court of Appeals has three judges, and they will receive the refutation of the previous verdict presented by Dr. Serageldin and his lawyers.  

Our faith in the legal system is unwavering, and we are positive that the judges will be thorough and fair...

Stay tuned for more news later today...

The Court retrieved the dossiers of the case, and the Chief Judge met with Dr. Serageldin and the lawyers and set a date for the public hearing of arguments on 21 November 2017.   The Chief Judge is well known and quite respected. There will be two more Judges assigned to hear the case before the date of the public hearing.  A final verdict of the Appeals Court is not expected before December 2017.


General Statement:

Dr Ismail Serageldin, former VP of the World Bank and Founding Director of the Library of Alexandria, also known as the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA), is a very well-known international figure ( Bio ).  After 15 years at the BA he retired at the end of May of 2017.  But we were all surprised to learn that a misdemeanor court judge in Egypt issued a verdict on August 1st , 2017 to imprison him for three and a half years, for alleged management decisions he made prior to 2011.

       We, his friends and supporters were appalled by this decision. We know him as an exceptional manager and a man of impeccable integrity.  He was kind enough to give us the details of the case against him ( Explanation of the case against Ismail Serageldin).  We therefore drafted a  Letter of Support  and were most happy that over 250 eminent persons from some 50 countries have signed that letter of support including 20 Heads of State and Government and 90 Nobel Laureates.

     Needless to say, the verdict caused an uproar in Egypt.  The Library issued a statement on its website, signed by his successor, and Serageldin issued a statement on his Facebook page pointing out that he had appealed the case, and that the Appeals Court will start its review on the 19th of September.  There was also a major Arabic letter issued in Egypt immediately after the verdict came out in the beginning of August.  It was signed by many eminent Egyptians, including Amr Moussa (former Secretary- General of the Arab League) former ministers and many intellectuals.  The case caused an uproar, in the newspapers, the TV talk shows and the social media (95% favorable to Serageldin). 

    And we, his many international friends and supporters, wanted to show our solidarity with him and launched this campaign and plan to send the letter with the many eminent signatures to the media before the Appeals process starts.  Ismail Serageldin is a citizen of the world ( ) and deserves to be supported internationally as well as locally.  If you wish to join this campaign, please send an email with your name and title to   We have confidence in the Judicial process in Egypt, and we hope that by providing this “character witness” support, we will indeed help him in these difficult times.

                                                                 Friends and Supporters of Ismail Serageldin  

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